Our Products

We love pushing the boundaries of our own creativity by exploring new and exciting ways to incorporate unusual materials and elements into our pieces. Our extensive range therefore incorporates sterling silver, brass, copper, wood, leather, fabric, felt, semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls and enamel. (Of course, we’re always willing to try something new, so tell us what you like and we’ll see what we can do!)
 For those moments in life that require something special, we create custom designs according to each customer’s specifications. We’re also happy to renovate older or vintage pieces to suit your own personal style and requirements.
We’re trained, equipped and prepared to take on repairs on all types of jewellery, including pieces in precious metals such as gold and platinum. Talk to us if you need ring sizing, rhodium plating and polishing or any other repairs done.
*To complement our unique style and products, all items are packaged in our distinct Jam Jars. If it’s not in a Jar, it’s not a Jam Jewellery original!